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LTE Modem


The Omega2 supports the Quectel EC25/EG25 LTE modem which is enabled through a software package.

The modem is featured in the Omega2 LTE single board computer and enables a cellular data connection - LTE Cat4.

Maximum Data Rates: 150 Mpbs downlink, 50 Mpbs uplink.


The LTE modem must be connected to the Omega2 host USB port.

The Omega2 LTE single board computer features the LTE modem on-board.


To install the software package to provide support for the LTE modem:

  1. Flash the latest available Omega2+ firmware to your device – see installing the new firmware article

  2. Connect the WiFi – see the WiFi article

  3. Install the software

    opkg update opkg 
    install omega2-lte-base
  4. Follow the instructions from the Omega2 LTE Get Started Guide to setup the cellular data connection.

  • Safely ignore the /usr/bin/o2lte: line 134: /etc/init.d/ugps: not found message that comes up.
  1. Confirm the device is connected to the cellular network and the wwan0 interface has been given an IP address.


Using the Omega2 LTE with the latest firmware is a bit different. The new firmware is not the same as the v0.3.4 firmware for the Omega2 LTE.

Key differences: There is no firmware specific to the Omega2 LTE. Instead, the Omega2 or Omega2+ firmware must be used. You can add LTE modem support by installing the omega2-lte-base software package.

The software does not include the ugps utility out-of-the-box. Additional work is needed to use the GNSS receiver.

We’re open to suggestions on improving this experience and software provide feedback by leaving a comment in this article. Or, create an issue in the OnionIoT/OpenWRT-Packages GitHub repo.