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Onion’s Omega2S is a smaller, surface-mount packaged version of the through-hole Omega2. It is designed to provide drop-in computing and connectivity for IoT devices and applications. The module has two variants, the Omega2S and Omega2S+.



Both variants come with built-in WiFi, a Linux operating system, flexible GPIOs, and a powerful processor. The Omega2S+ has a larger memory module and extra storage.

Processor580MHz MIPS CPU580MHz MIPS CPU
USB 2.011
WiFi adapterb/g/n Wi-Fib/g/n Wi-Fi

Differences from Omega2

Onion's Omega2S is ideal for high volume production with its low profile, extended feature set, and production friendly design.

Plug-in moduleSurface-mount module
42.9 x 26.4 x 9.9mm34 x 20 x 2.8mm (low profile)
32 pins63 pins
MicroSD slotPins for SD/eMMC on pinout
2 PWM channels4 PWM channels
--Exposes SPI Chip-Select 0 (CS0) pin
On-board antennaAntenna signal pin and U.FL connector
On-board system status LEDSystem status pin to connect an external LED
Built-in pull-up resistors on I2C busRequires external pull-up resistors


Omega2S datasheet

For further details on the Omega2S module, please see the datasheet on our GitHub site:

Omega2S hardware design guide

If you plan to develop custom hardware using the Omega2S modules, please refer to our hardware design guide on our GitHub site.

Omega2S development kit

The Omega2S development kit lets you evaluate the Omega2S module's functionality and start developing your IoT product.

The kit includes:

  • Easy insertion socket for the Omega2S module
  • USB, Micro-USB, and Ethernet connectors
  • Connector pins for all Input/Output signals
  • Dual reset functions


The development kit is available in two versions.

SD Card Slot Version (OM2S-DK-SD)eMMC Storage Version (OM2S-DK-EM)
8 GB Micro SD CardBuilt-in 8GB eMMC
Two (2) Omega2S modulesTwo (2) Omega2S modules
Two (2) Omega2S+ modulesTwo (2) Omega2S+ modules
2 dBi uFL Tape Antenna2 dBi uFL Tape Antenna
Micro USB CableMicro USB Cable
Ethernet CableEthernet Cable


At the Omega2S’ core is the MT7688 SoC. It features a 580 MHz MIPS CPU, supports 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi as well as 10M/100M wired Ethernet network connectivity, and operates at 3.3Vdc.

Onion built the Omega2S to interact with other hardware. It has a wide variety of hardware interfaces, and you can use up to 42 pins as user-controllable GPIOs.

Omega2S supports the following hardware-based serial communication protocols:

  • I2C bus
  • 3 UART's
  • 4 PWM channels

Omega2S has dedicated pins for:

  • USB 2.0
  • Ethernet
  • SPI


Please refer to the following articles to learn more about Omega2S' GPIO's, multiplexing GPIO functionality, as well as the behavior and requirements of Special pins.

WiFi antenna

The Omgea2S supports 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.11 b/g/n WiFi with a maximum 150 Mbps PHY rate.

For more information on the WiFi antenna, please see the Antenna and uFL connector article.

Mechanical drawing

The following is a detailed diagram of the dimensions and geometry of the Omega2S and Omega2S+ modules.