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Omega2 Electrical Specifications

The following tables provide detailed information on the electrical specifications for the Omega2/2+ embedded modules.

Absolute maximum ratings

Power supply voltageVcc3.63V
Input pin voltageVinGND - 0.3 VVcc + 0.3 VV
DC current through any digital I/O pin (except supplies)Ipin8mA
Storage temperatureTstg-2080°C

Operating conditions

Operation beyond the specified operating conditions can affect device reliability.

Power supply voltageVcc2.973.33.63V
Input pin voltage rangeVin-0.33.3V
Digital pin low level input voltageVil-0.30.8V
Digital pin high level input voltageVih23.6V
Digital pin low level output voltageVol0.4V
Digital pin high level output voltageVoh2.43.3V
Operating temperatureTopr-1055°C

Power consumption

StatePeak CurrentTypical CurrentUnits
Idle & connected to WiFi network190170mA
Idle & WiFi radio turned off130130mA
Actively downloading files through WiFi310260mA
Actively downloading files through WiFi, CPU at full load400310mA

All current measurements correspond to Vcc of 3.3V.