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Installing the New Firmware

This firmware doesn't include the oupgrade utility, so we'll need to manually install the firmware. The procedure is very similar to the Manual Firmware Installation instructions in the Onion Documentation.

The new firmware can be found online at

The firmware images are named according to this syntax: <DEVICE-NAME>-<OPENWRT-VERSION>-<BUILD-DATE>.bin

So onion_omega2p-22.03.2-20230221.bin is:

  • firmware made for the Omega2+/Omega2S+
  • based on OpenWRT release 22.03.2
  • was built on Feb 21, 2023

Selecting Firmware

Before you install firmware to your device, you'll need to decide which firmware image to install.

First, you'll need to find the firmware for your device:

  • Firmware for Omega2 and Omega2S starts with onion_omega2-
  • Firmware for Omega2+ and Omega2S+ starts with onion_omega2p-.

Then, you'll want to select the highest OpenWRT release and the latest build date. This will ensure you're using the very latest available firmware.

Make a note of the filename of the firmware you've selected.

Installing the firmware

WARNING: this will erase everything that's currently on your device. Back up anything that you don't want to lose forever!

Once you know which firmware image you want to install on your device:

  1. Connect to the command line of your device
  2. Go to the /tmp directory: cd /tmp
  3. Download the firmware image: wget<SELECTED-FIRMWARE-IMAGE>.bin
  4. Install the firwmare: sysupgrade -F -n -v <SELECTED-FIRMWARE-IMAGE>.bin

Say you selected firmware onion_omega2p-22.03.3-20230526.bin:

  • Your download command would be wget
  • Your installation command would be sysupgrade -F -n -v onion_omega2p-22.03.3-20230526.bin


From time to time, we'll be releasing new firmware images with various updates. You can follow the instructions above to install the latest firmware on your device - just keep an eye on the build date to make sure you're on the latest version.

WARNING: because sysupgrade is run with the -n option, everything that's currently on the device will be erased when the firwmare is updated. So all new files and changes on your device will be deleted as part of the upgrade process, and you will start with a fresh device.