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Feedback and Suggestions

We would love to hear what you think about this new firmware and collaborate with you to improve it!

General Discussion

For general discussion, feel free to post on the Onion Community.

Along with many Omega2 users, the Onion team hangs around there and we're happy to discuss everything Omega2 related.

Firmware Improvement Suggestions and Bug Reports

If you have specific improvement suggestions or bugs to report, please create an Issue in the OnionIoT/OpenWRT-Packages GitHub Repo. There are issue templates for Bug Reports and Improvement Suggestions/Feature Requests.

Documentation Improvements

If there's something unclear or missing in this documentation, or if it can be improved in some way, create an issue in the OnionIoT/documentation GitHub Repo and explain what could be better documented.

If there's a specific edit you'd like to make to one of these documentation pages, click the Edit this page and you'll be taken to the corresponding file on GitHub. We welcome all Pull Requests.